West's 'Our Navy' 'Talks about Our Navy'
Alfred John West F.R.G.S. - Film Pioneer

David Clover

'Our Navy revived' - Talk by David Clover on Wednesday 3 October 2012 at the Regent Street Polytechnic's original cinema where 'Our Navy' was regularly presented from 1897 until 1912.

If you want to request a talk about Alfred West, please contact me. I have give such talks to the Royal Naval Museum, the National Maritime Museum as part of their 'Sea Britain' festival in 2005, and the Diaper Heritage Association in Autumn 2006.

It would take the form of a video and projected presentation using a computer projector.

It would be of interest to anyone who can make up a group that would like to know more about his work and life. It would last about 1 hour. Typically, groups interested in early cinema, Yachting history and vintage photography.

Travelling and other expenses would be charged

Email: David Clover