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West's 'Our Navy' Dating Postcards and Pictures

David Clover

To promote the film business, Alfred West's 'Our Navy' made up numerous postcards, with still scenes taken at the same time as the moving pictures. These were sold at performances, and were extremely popular. The scenes represented in the postcards have survived, but the original films probably have not. Nonetheless, the cards give us a most valuable potential resource in identifying any film material that may be found. Even after all these years, new material is being discovered from time to time.

A number of postcard examples (probably from around 1905), collected by George Malcolmson are shown below. You can click on a card to see a larger version. You can also rescale the card window by dragging the corner. See also our page about dating photographs - and a project we are starting which will help us to work out when undated pictures were taken.

'Our Navy' Postcards - around 1905


Promotional Postcard 1913 - Sunderland

'Our Navy' Cigarette Cards - around 1905