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Dating G West and Son Postcards

David Clover

The G West and Son photographic studios in Gosport and Portsmouth conducted a very large amount of business making studio photographs of members of families in and around the Portsmouth area.

Each of those pictures was carefully catalogued with a number - which was also written on the back of the card - so that the original purchaser could request reprints. The catalogue has been lost, but as the pictures were numbered in sequence, we think it might be possible to collate information about existing photographs where the date is known. We hope to be able to note the index number and prepare a dating chart to set newly discovered pictures against.

If you have a family photograph made in one of the West studios (or indeed other Portsmouth area photographic studios) in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and can let us have details, including any dates you know from family records or written on the picture, and its reference number, that will help us to establish dates for other photographs.

Sample photographs

These pictures were sent in by John Elliott in Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA.

 The number (78590) on the back in pencil is very clear, but the date is not known, and neither are the subjects of this delightful study of five children (including very obvious twins!). If you have information to share, do get in touch with the curator of the photograph dating project - George Malcolmson.