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It seems that the West Family in Gosport were all heavily involved the photographic business. There were 9 children of George and Mary West. The 1881 census return shows:

97 High Street (Gosport)
  • George Edmund James West Head 
    occupation photographer 
    aged 65 
    birthplace Portsea Hampshire England.
  • George West Son 
    age 40 birthplace 
    London Mary Le bone 
    occupation photographer
  • Mary Ann West dau. 38 
    birthplace London Mary Le bone 
    occupation photographer
  • William James West son 32 
    birthplace Gosport 
    occupation photographer 
  • Maria Lousia West dau 24 
    birthplace Gosport 
    occupation photographer
    (See also: Dawson Family Website)
  • Alfred John West son 22 
    birthplace Gosport 
    occupation photographer
    (NB Alfred West was born in 1857 so by 1881 he would have been 24 - the census return appears to be wrong)
  • Mary West grand dau. (Parents George West and Sarah Sargent) 13 
    birthplace Gosport. 
  • Elizabeth Slater 22 
    birthplace Warborough Oxford 
    general servant

Alfred West was one of 9 children of George Edmund James West ( b. 1815) and Mary Ann West (née Johnson).

Missing from the 1881 Gosport Census return as they lived elsewhere were Alfred West's other 4 siblings Jane Matilda (Jennie) b, 1839, Charlotte Ann b. 1845, Henry Edward b. 1847, Emma Susan b. 1851

Here is the history as far as we know it of the Gosport premises and of George West, the Head of the Family from 1855 to 1915:

1855 George West is a Joiner in 55 High Street
1859 George Edmund James West Joiner 113 High Street
1867 George Edmund James West Photographic Artist 60 High Street Gosport
1878 George Edmund James & Son Photographer & Fancy Stationers and Depot of Christian Knowledge Society 97 High Street. Miss Mary West Manager
1891 Census for  for 97 High Street shows Lesley West and Edward Dawson Photographers and George Collard trainee photographer
1903 West & Dawson Photographers 97 High Street. (Maria Lousia West married Edward Dawson in 1886 and they eventually emigrated to Australia)
1915 Sweet & Jennings Photographers 97 High Street

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Alfred John West, FRGS

Above: Alfred West - Photo - Pioneers of the British Film, John Barnes, Bishopsgate Press, 1983,  ISBN 1-85219-012-4

Above: The West Brothers (Photograph courtesy of Eric West, Delta, British Columbia)
George (28/2/1841), Alfred (1/8/1857), William James (1849) and Henry Edward (Ted - 4/2/1847 who worked in Australia as an Opal miner)

Below: The same group but wearing hats (Courtesy of Eric West as above)

97 High Street Gosport Hants - picture taken in Summer 2004